TRS-80 Micro Color Computer (MC-10)

Pubblicato: giugno 24, 2011 in Tandy

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A cousin of the CoCo, The MC-10, or Micro Color Computer, was sold in Radio Shack stores as a lower cost, more entry-level computer than the CoCo. Released in 1983, it was similar in appearance to the Timex Sinclair. It also used the MC6847 VDG and Microsoft Basic, but featured the MC6803 instead of the 6809. It was just as bare-bones as the little Timex Sinclair model as well, lacking such things as an 80 column printer and disk storage system, as well as a “real” keyboard. Accordingly, it did not sell well and was withdrawn after just two years of production.[8] An MC-10 clone, the Sysdata Tcolor, was available in Brazil with 16 KB ROM.

  1. Anonimo ha detto:

    There is a small retro-computing community for the MC-10


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