Thomson TO8D

Pubblicato: giugno 24, 2011 in Thomson


The TO8 is a computer created by the French company Thomson-SIMIV and released in 1986. It replaces the older, the TO7/70, while remaining largely compatible.  New features (more memory, better graphics modes) are common to the whole range of third generation (MO6, and TO8 TO9 +).
It has a drive cartridge and the BASIC 1.0 and BASIC 512 Microsoft offers integrated ROM and a floppy drive externally.
An improved version, the TO8D, further includes a floppy 3 “1 / 2 built.

Technical Specification
• Manufacturer: Thomson-SIMIV (FR)
• Microprocessor: 6809E 1 MHz
• RAM: 256 KB expandable to 512 KB
• ROM: 128 KB
• Sound: generator + 1bit D / A converter 6 bits
• Text display: 40×25 and 80×25 (monochrome)
• Graphic display: 160×200 in 16 colors at 640×200 without constraint in 2 colors
• Keyboard: Qwerty mechanical
• ON SALE: 1986
• Price: 4990 F (or € 1,160 compensation after the currency depreciation due to inflation, according to INSEE).
Devices available for this machine are numerous. Some were produced by Thomson and others by independent companies. Most of these devices are compatible with the entire range Thomson.



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